What is Refresh Charleston?

Refresh Charleston is a mini-series of events for the Lowcountry’s creative community, promoting creativity, design and better standards. Ever so often, we come together to share what we know and meet others who share similar interests.

“The problems we share are greater than the problems that divide us, and what divides us is of our own making.”

We host a Refresh event quarterly, but support and promote other events around the city, and nearby.


Our meetups feature short, thought-provoking and attention-span friendly sessions by speakers, followed by interesting discussions. The goal is to deliver great content, inspire the audience, and ignite the community. In addition, you get a chance to network with other local folks you really want to meet.


Refresh Charleston is run by a group of volunteers, with support from the community. We’re excited about Charleston’s growing creative neighborhood, and believe that we can all learn from each other and build a more prosperous community. Every penny from our events goes back into helping local creative events.