What is Refresh Charleston?

What’s Refresh?

Fun and inspirational quarterly hangs for Lowcountry creatives.

First and foremost, Refresh Charleston is about getting the Lowcountry’s creative community together – on the regular. It’s a chance to connect with, laugh, eat, drink, play ping pong / pool, get inspired by, and share ideas with other creatives – from fine artists, architects, and graphic designers to writers, programmers, videographers, marketers, and more.

More specifically, Refresh hosts speakers – interesting, handpicked creatives ready to share their expertise, insights, and energy in a concise, casual, questions always welcome format. Also, there’s always some tasty food and drink (beer and alternatives!). It’s like happy hour with purpose. And, since Refresh is run and hosted by a bunch of creatives, you can count on a casual vibe. Have a snack. Shoot some pool. Play some ping pong. Chat with the speaker before or afterwards. Meet some new people.

Where’s Refresh?

At a place that reflects Refresh’s laid-back yet innovative vibe.

What Does $8 Get Me?

Your $8 admission includes tasty food and drink, an inspiring creative talk, quality time with your current creative pals and networking opportunities galore, fun times in a cool space, and the comfort of communing with likeminded people.

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