Meet Designer and Serial Illustrator – Tami Boyce

Meet Designer and Serial Illustrator - Tami Boyce

Tami Boyce is a Charleston-based graphic designer and illustrator. Designing for over five years, her work has spanned from indie movie posters to character development/illustration for Encyclopedia Britannica, as well as producing almost 1,000 published book covers.

“I would sum up my design style as clean and minimalist, while my illustrations are more whimsical with an offbeat tone. I love keeping a balance of design and illustration work. To me, I see design as informative, purposeful works of art, where as illustration is more of a lighthearted outlet about random life observations.”

Her work can be found at various Charleston establishments around town, including Theatre 99, ReForm Studios, Early Bird Diner, as well as ZaPow! Gallery in Asheville, NC. Most recently, Tami’s art has been an experiment with animals donning monocles in a series called, “Put a Monocle on It.”

She’ll be displaying some of her work at the Refresh Charleston event on January 21, so feel free to say hello to her via Twitter – @tami_draws.

Event Information

This event is presented with wonderful support from Campaign Monitor and The Murray Center. As usual, refreshments will be available before and during the meetup.