Refresh Charleston features Joel Sadler & Dorian Warneck - April 19

Refresh Charleston features Joel Sadler & Dorian Warneck

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We’re excited to announce that this quarter’s Refresh Charleston event will be held on April 19 at the offices of Blue Ion, from 6:00 to 7:30 pm and will feature 2 sessions:

View the event map for help with directions and parking information. We look forward to you joining us for an evening of enlightenment.

“Why Did I see that Display Ad?” ~ Joel Sadler

Joel Sadler

Most people think of banner ads online like flies at a picnic – distracting and annoying but not worth skipping the picnic over. In reality, over the last several years, a technological revolution is making display or banner ads not the flies at the picnic, but the potato chip you were already reaching for.

Learn about the technology and industry behind personalizing digital advertising and what it means for you no matter your role.

“Neighbors” ~ Dorian Warneck

Dorian Warneck

This talk will focus on Dorian’s process of documenting the world around him through street photography, and the creation of his self-published quarterly zine, “Neighbors”.

Our Venue

Refresh Charleston will take place at Blue Ion –301B King Street, downtown Charleston. Doors will open at 5:30pm.

Other Information

This event is presented with support from Blue IonCampaign Monitor and Tito. As usual, refreshments will be available before and during the meetup. Email us at if you have any questions.

Poster credit: Missy Johnson (Art Board Co.)

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