An Evening with Timothy Banks & Ryan Cockrell - September 24 - Refresh Charleston

An Evening with Timothy Banks & Ryan Cockrell – September 24

Refresh Charleston

We’re happy to announce that our next event, which will be held on September 24 at Blue Ion, from 6:00 to 8:00pm, will feature sessions led by two of Charleston’s Creatives.

  • Coming to Terms With Your Style – a presentation by Timothy Banks
  • El Salvador, Surfboarding, MS-13, Bootleg DVDs and Child Labor – a presentation by Ryan Cockrell

“Coming To Terms with Your Style”

Fine artists spend their lives exploring their style and what it means to create tasteful imagery, whereas, commercial artists often don’t have that luxury. The field, which is subject to the whims of pop culture and clients’ money, can be very difficult to navigate. As such, it can be perceived to be a sensible move to follow a trend, or latch on to a favorite designer’s look for ‘non-plagiarized inspiration’.

The longer you’re in the field, the tougher it is to remake your work, but you’re not doing yourself any favors if you’re suppressing your style to keep up with appearances.

My work is living proof that you can be true to yourself in the creative process, and still enjoy success. In our time together, I’ll share about how I fought my style for years, and eventually gave in. I can’t promise the same result for everyone, but at the very least, I think my neurotic take on the world of illustration and design from the perspective of my own work, will be informative and entertaining.


“El Salvador, Surfboarding, MS-13, Bootleg DVDs and Child Labor”

I recently travelled to El Salvador in search of waves, but instead stumbled upon a new understanding of my clients, and maybe your clients too.

During my presentation, I’ll explain my cryptic title and share insights learned from young MS-13 gang members about client service.  I’ve come to realize that regardless of  title, we’re all in the business of Sales.

You can also expect to see some decent surfing, incredible waves and a bit of my work.


Other Information

This event is presented with wonderful support from Campaign Monitor, Blue Ion and A Book Apart. Refreshments will be available before and during the meetup.


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