Refresh Charleston Speaker Spotlight - Aaron Quinn

Speaker Spotlight on Creative Lead – Aaron Quinn

Refresh Charleston & Charleston UX Meetup with Aaron Quinn - January 20

Aaron Quinn is the founder and creative director of {e} house studio, an award winning web design and digital marketing company based locally in Charleston, SC. As {e} house studio has grown, so has Aaron’s expertise – he has played various roles in the company from a Designer to Creative Director.

After a decade of experience, Aaron has honed his primary role to that of crafting and directing user experience design for clients like, BI-LO, Pantech, Mailchimp, Zendesk and Kiawah Island.

{e} house studio is comprised of a high-performing, eclectic team of creatives and strategists. Their unique approach is shaped by years of experience in customer engagement, branding and marketing, user experience design and technical development. {e} house studio is passionate about building digital marketing strategies that get results through creating effective and engaging user experiences.

Aaron will be presenting on Designing for Emotion at our meetup on September 11.

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