Getting to Know Creative Entrepreneur – Adam Fetsch

Refresh Charleston Speaker Spotlight - Adam Fetsch

With an empty champagne bottle and an inspired idea, Adam Fetsch, has handcrafted premium natural soy wax candles with fragrances designed to mimic the tasting notes found in your favorite wine varietal. Unbeknownst to Adam, the candles first created in his backyard would soon be found on store shelves across the world, and spur the development of multiple lifestyle brands, augmented by a retail component dedicated to celebrating the craft of candle making.

Rewined Candles first appeared in the historic Charleston City Market in 2009, where they quickly fostered a strong and loyal local following, which was the catalyst needed to catapult Rewined onto the national and international markets.

Energized by success stories of other local business owners, Adam partnered with the South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Department.  As a direct result, over the past three years, more than thirty candle makers have joined the crew after completing on the job vocational training.  Today, the candle crew is made up of 60 enthusiastic and colorful characters, who are passionate about their craft.  In addition to candle makers, Adam leads a team of Candle Gals and Guys who are focused on Sales, Marketing and Candle Operations.  The office and candle shop is permeated by music, dancing, laughter and great ideas. Adam, a.k.a. ‘The Boss Man‘, wouldn’t have it any other way!

Come, meet Adam at our event, view his profile on Linkedin, and learn more about the life he has built around a ‘Wick‘ with Rewined Candles, Produce Candles, and Candlefish.

“My Beef with Creativity.”

During his presentation, Adam will explore what creativity is, and how you can be creative in everything you do.

Other Information

Adam will be one of 2 speakers at our event on April 21. This event is presented with support from Blue Ion and Campaign Monitor. As usual, refreshments will be available before and during the meetup, which will take place at Blue Ion – 301B King Street, downtown Charleston.

Doors open at 5:30pm. Email us at if you have any questions.