Refresh Charleston Speaker Spotlight - Ben Wong

Speaker Spotlight on Brand Strategist – Ben Wong

Refresh Charleston Speaker Spotlight - Ben Wong

Ben Wong is the Director of Digital Experience at Blue Ion. He developed his nonprofit expertise during his time at Blackbaud and Guide Creative as the Design Services Manager, where he designed and developed website solutions for hundreds of nonprofit organizations.

He comes from the United Kingdom where he had a short career in the British music industry before completing his degree in Computer Science with Business Management at Queen Mary University of London. Ben will be co-presenting “How Dr. Seuss Can Help You Rock Digital Storytelling”.

How Dr. Seuss Can Help You Rock Digital Storytelling

The market has become increasingly crowded with competitors. It is vital for brands to have compelling stories to make a deeper connection with their audience. Learn how the classic storytelling structures of the past can help brands tell their stories in the digital age.

Be sure to meet Ben at our Refresh Charleston event on June 4 and say Hi to Ben on Twitter – @bunmun.


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