Getting to Know Douglas Davis, Creative Strategist, Educator and Author

Getting to Know Creative Strategist & Author Douglas Davis

Douglas Davis

In 1997, Douglas Davis had an epiphany. He found himself totally out of his element in a strategy meeting, and realized that to be truly effective, he needed to become a creative who understood the business end of things. He recognized that an understanding of business and its inherent jargon, would allow him as a creative to get in on the ground floor of shaping a project and solve elemental business problems – a scenario which would be infinitely better than working within a defective framework in the execution phase of a design project.

Davis indicates that his book – Creative Strategy and the Business of Design (CSBD) came about as the result of his need to explore the words behind the pictures, understand the strategy behind the execution, and grasp the business objectives involved in the design process. CSBD succinctly exposes the reader to the peripheral marketing and business considerations that affect job/project execution and shares useful guidelines on ‘HOW to think versus WHAT to think’.

Getting to Know Creative Strategist & Author Douglas Davis
“The classroom provides an outlet to share what I’ve learned” ~ Douglas Davis

The success of a Designer, Copywriter, or freelance Art Director is now measured in metrics that include sales, page views, time on site, shares, likes, retweets, click-throughs and ROI.  These results determine whether or not the effort is deemed successful, creative, or even worth repeating. Learning the language of business has helped Douglas (The Davis Group), to consistently win more (repeat, and new) business and design work.  Join us on June 27, as he shares what he’s learned so you can do the same!

RGD Design Thinkers Toronto
RGD Design Thinkers Toronto – “From Insights to Executions”

About Douglas Davis

Douglas is the Chair of New York City College of Technology’s Communication Design Program, and in June 2018, he was named co-Chair of AIGA’s National Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce.  Douglas has found an international audience through his relationship with HOW University; as a judge of The Best Brand Awards, and by publishing in the European Business Review.  He enjoys interacting with creatives, and presents at industry conferences throughout the United States, Canada, India and Russia.

He has spoken at HOW Design Live, RGD Design Thinkers, The One Club Educator Summit, Midwest Digital Marketing Conference, Revolve Conference, and The Art & Branding Conference. In addition, Douglas regularly contributes to the business of design discourse in Applied Arts, The European Business Review, HOW Magazine and

Douglas Davis is a Creative Strategist, Educator and Author.  Persona determined by prevailing need.

When’s Refresh?

June 27, 2018, from 6:00 to 7:30 pm

What’s Refresh

Fun and inspirational quarterly hangs for Lowcountry creatives. Refresh Charleston is about getting the Lowcountry’s creative community together – on the regular; learn more.

Where’s Refresh

At a place that reflects Refresh’s laid-back yet innovative vibe: Blue Ion, 301B King Street in Charleston. A lounge-space with Ping Pong, Pool, Shuffleboard and Video Games, Blue Ion is located above the Apple Store with it’s entrance around the back of the building of Liberty Street. A full-service brand and marketing agency, Blue Ion has offices in Charleston and Greenville, SC. As a company of creatives, they’re all about sharing the energy their clients are made of. View the map for directions and parking information.

What Does $8 Get Me?

Your $8 admission includes tasty food and drink, an inspiring creative talk, quality time with your current creative pals and networking opportunities galore, fun times in a cool space, and the comfort of communing with like-minded people

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