Speaker Spotlight – Nelson Richards

Nelson Richards

Nelson Richards is a UI/UX designer who has been fortunate to work with many large companies and well known brands for more than a decade.  He is also co-founder of both Intellectual Alchemy and WEA Studios.

He began his career as an interactive media designer specializing in immersive, data-driven Flash websites for the Fashion and Entertainment Industry. During this time, he realized that he had a knack for highly-creative, yet elegant and simple experiences.

The scope and quality of his work afforded him the opportunity to break into the video game industry, where he created marketing campaigns, and website design for Microsoft’s Xbox division.  It was at this juncture that he had occasion to work directly with leading video game developers and publishers such as –  BioWare, Bungie Studios, Rare, Sony Computer Entertainment and Ubisoft. This was his introduction to the world of  ‘true’ User Interface/User Experience design and development.

In 2007, he began delivering user-interfaces for audio and video mixing software which culminated in the best-selling PCDJ-VJ product line.  His company’s software skin ‘Midnight’, is now the standard look and feel for all PCDJ products and is replicated in products by Dennon, NuMark, and Technics.

Nelson remains committed to pushing user-interface design to the limits of what is possible in-browser.

“Forget Wireframes; Don’t Let it Hurt Your Project”

Wireframes are traditionally one of the first deliverables in the user experience designer’s workflow. Most usability and web design books herald the wireframe as an important tool used to outline content placement, order components on the page and describe interactions in excruciating detail.  In practice, however, wireframes simply confuse the client, whilst adding an underwhelming and unnecessary step to the design process.

This session will help unfetter you from wireframes, liberate your design process, and offer alternatives which can improve communication across multiple disciplines.

Other Information

Nelson will be one of 2 speakers at our event on January 21This event is presented with support from Blue Ion and Campaign Monitor. As usual, refreshments will be available before and during the meetup. Email us at info@refreshcharleston.com if you have any questions.