Refresh Charleston Speaker Spotlight - Nicole Cendrowski

Speaker Spotlight – Nicole Cendrowski

Nicole Cendrowski

Nicole Cendrowski is a Partner at Sandler Training, where her responsibilities include business development, client coaching, and sales training facilitation.

She is a highly trusted and respected professional in her field, known for her discernment and listening skills, positive energy, fearless attitude, and a keen ability to quickly get in tune with prospects’ needs.  Prior to joining Sandler, Cendrowski was the founder and creative director of Big Gnome, a communications and brand development firm in Greenville.

She also was a member of Sandler Training‘s President’s Club, which consists of business owners, managers, and sales professionals that meet weekly for training, reinforcement and coaching.

Nicole will be discussing “Could Asking Questions be the Answer?” at our Refresh Charleston event on September 11; you won’t want to miss this.

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