Speaker Spotlight – Brian McDonaugh

Refresh Charleston Speaker Spotlight - Brian McDonaugh

Meet Renaissance Boy!

For the past year and a half, Brian McDonaugh has been employed at  Zubie – a Sullivan’s Island-based company, that is ‘all about’ the connected car.  At Zubie, he wears the hat of creative director with responsibility for the company’s visual direction and product marketing.

Before Zubie, (and concurrently) Brian has achieved a measure of success as a contract artist, specializing in vector graphics, animation and user interface design – primarily for mobile games.  In a period of two years, he shipped over 15 professional mobile and PC titles. His clients vary from independent developers, to well known brands like Disney, Sonos and Accenture.

When not designing or thinking about design, Brian enjoys playing intense games of Hearthstone, appreciates craft beer, and takes delight in long walks on the beach.

Say hello to Brian on Twitter, or connect with him via Linkedin.

“The Sprite Sheet – Adobe Photoshop Image Generator and You”

When teams are small; tasks are huge; and everyone’s staring down those ever-looming deadlines, being able to utilize little known tools embedded in familiar programs, can be of huge benefit to the team.

Brian will be your guide, as you discover seemingly obscure tools in Adobe Photoshop, that will make developers jump with glee.

Other Information

Brian will be one of 2 speakers at our event on January 21This event is presented with support from Blue Ion and Campaign Monitor. As usual, refreshments will be available before and during the meetup. Email us at info@refreshcharleston.com if you have any questions.