Refresh Charleston Speaker Spotlight on Maria Fabrizio

Meet Illustrator & Published Author – Maria Fabrizio

Maria Fabrizio

For Maria Fabrizio, creativity is a way of life.  She is a talented illustrator, accomplished designer, and published author.

Maria enjoys her creative process, and strives to craft impactful work through collaboration with clients large and small. She believes that creativity is a daily process, which she expresses in her recently published book “Cultivating Creativity: Daily Rituals for Visual Inspiration”.  In her book, Maria submits that one can “ … discover the road to productivity and success by keeping  creative juices flowing daily … in order to get the creative inspiration you need to do your design work well, it’s important to establish daily creative routines.” 

Maria practices what she preaches, evidenced by her daily illustration blog Wordless News, her daily creative ritual. People don’t often think of the news as a source of inspiration — and certainly not a source of daily inspiration but, Fabrizio gets up around 4:45 am, scans the news for great stories, and then goes to work in her studio — which is conveniently located in her backyard. She works on Wordless News until about 10 a.m. – shares her take on the news “One headline per day, vowel and consonant free” and then turns her attention to work she’s doing for her graphic design clients.

Maria brings more than seven years of professional experience to bear and holds an MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in Graphic Design/Visual Communication.  Maria is based in Columbia, South Carolina where she lives with her husband, their son, a spoiled cat and happy dog.

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Talk: Why I Draw Sloths, Death, and Eggs

Why I Draw Sloths, Death, and Eggs

If you are a human, with emotions, who likes drawings, this talk is for you.

Maria Fabrizio will discuss her process of creating conceptual, emotionally focused illustrations. She will talk about the technical side, the fun side, and the struggle to maintain her blog, Wordless News, during this time of insanity in America. She promises to be funny and serious and the shortest person in the room.

The Venue

Refresh Charleston will take place at Blue Ion –301B King Street, downtown Charleston. Doors will open at 5:30pm. View the map for directions and parking information.

Other Information

This event is presented with support from Blue Ion and Tito. As usual, refreshments will be available before and during the meetup. Email us at if you have any questions.

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