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Refresh Charleston publishes blogs on digital marketing strategy, content creation management, web design, social outreach programs, social media management and other mundane, but totally necessary tools such as technical search engine optimization and pay per click campaigns.

Traffic Stats

  • Monthly Pageviews – 20K+
  • Monthly Avg. Sessions – 15K+
  • Domain Authority (Moz) – 10 (As of December 2019)
  • Domain Rating (Ahrefs) – 10 (As of December 2019)
  • Twitter Followers – 17.3k (As of December 2019)

Advertising Options on Refresh Charleston

Refresh Charleston has a variety of advertising opportunities available. If you’d like to partner with us, please get in touch with us at [email protected] and we’ll come up with a campaign package that suits your requirements.

Here are some of the popular advertising options on Refresh Charleston:

1. Product Reviews

We have reviewed a variety of marketing and hosting tools/products/services on Refresh Charleston.  You can see them in our reviews section.

If you want a review carried out by us then please contact us with the details of what you would like us to review.  Please note that you will probably need to give us access to the tool/product/service if we do not use.  Our review will be true to what we find – warts and all.

2. Sponsored Posts

Some of the brands that have leveraged sponsored posts on Refresh Charleston.

What is it?

Sponsored content is considered a type of native advertising. It also fits the form and function of its host.

The difference is that it’s not an ad. It’s a longer-form piece of brand-sponsored content such as an article or video that lives on a media publisher’s site.

It tells a full story and is written and produced to be as engaging as possible, encouraging an audience to spend a long time with the content.

Typically, sponsored content is less restrictive than advertising and publishers give brands leeway to be creative and engaging—as long as the post is cleared marked as “sponsored” or “promoted.” This also means that brands can mention a product or service and include a call to action.

All links are do-follow.

What does it look like?

Sponsored content can be anything from an article to video to a listicle, as long as it looks like a native part of the publisher website.

If you wish to publish a sponsored post on Refresh Charleston then please contact us with details of your post.  Remember that all posts, even Sponsored posts, need to meet our basic guidelines.

3. Banner Ads

Banner ad options on Refresh Charleston are currently limited to a Sidebar 300×250 banner.  If you are interested in running a banner on Refresh Charleston then please contact us